Single Origin Coffee

Coffee Traders International features eight types of single origin coffee. Which one will be your new favorite?

Guatemalan Huehuetenango (pronounced way-way-ten-na-go):
Gloriously sweet and fragrant, with a beautiful floral aroma, sweetly fruity flavor and long, delicious aftertaste, this is a perfect example of the best Huehuetenango can be.  The fruit has a beautiful melon characteristic, balancing the brown-sugar sweetness of the cup perfectly.

Ethiopian Yergacheffe:
When roasted these beans develop an incredible citrus-and-honey flavor, which is unparalleled in the coffee world.  Absolutely crystal clear notes of lemon and white wine mingle with a honey-like sweetness in the cup.  The fragrance is reminiscent of jasmine blossoms, and is in fact the fragrance of the coffee flower itself.

Sumatran Mandehling (pronounced man-dee-ling):
The distinctive Indonesian gourmet coffee is grown in an area of Sumatra near the Indian sea.  These unique conditions infuse the coffee beans with a slightly earthy flavor and pronounced herbal nuances.  The rich, almost syrupy body and penetrating aroma of this darkly roasted coffee make for a fully satisfying cup.

Brazilian Serra Negra:
In the early 1900's many families emigrated from Italy to the Black Mountains of Brazil.  There, they started a new life growing coffee.  The Black Mountains offered ideal growing conditions for the Arabica coffee trees; high altitudes, rich soil and cool nights.  This choice coffee has a rich nutty chocolate aroma, a light body and a pleasingly mild flavor.

Kenyan AA Karatina:
Kenya produces some of the best coffee in the world.  Coffee Traders International carries only the extraordinary AA grade, which is the largest, densest and most intense bean available.  Karatina is an exceptional, very darkly sweet cup.  Initial fresh fruit hints of black currant, distinct and refined wine flavor with notes of bittersweet chocolate.

Tanzanian Peaberry:
The least bitter coffee in the world.  Peaberries are a natural phenomenon created when one seed, instead of two form inside the coffee fruit.  Grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro there is a pleasant woodsy spiciness and distinct sweetness in this acidic favorite.  If you like light to medium bodied coffees with a clean, sweet finish, this coffee is for you.

Colombian Supremo:
Our Colombian coffee comes from the Bucaramanga region. The coffee producing areas of this region are lush with ideal rainfall, cloud cover and soil conditions. Supremo indicates the highest quality of Colombian coffee available. This Supremo is full bodied and rich, yet smooth enough for the casual coffee drinker.  Everyone is a satisfied customer with this bean.

Mexican Crystal:
The aroma is rich, deeply dimensioned, shot through with bracing grapefruit tones; the body smooth and full. The richly expressed grapefruit tones excite when the cup is hot, but turn a touch nutty and sharp as it cools, particularly in the finish. This one is an excellent breakfast cup: rich and smooth but crisp with citrus notes.
Origin Coffee Availability Subject to Change Without Notice. Please contact your local Coffee Traders International for more information.

Single Origin Coffee

A 'single origin' is a coffee from one region. This simply means that many plantations from one region contribute to a coffee type. When you take only the best beans from a specific region and roast them to perfection the coffee you get is truly remarkable. For more infomation see the Coffeeholic blog.